Moniek Toebosch (1948-2012)

For her retrospective at Marres Maastricht, Center for Contemporary Culture, in 2000-2001, Moniek Toebosch designed a new work composed of a set of short films, in which she describes her actions, performances and objects. It’s a full‑length portrait of Toebosch, tight and plain; behind a table, she replaces the image by language, she performs in word and gesture.

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Stichting Moniek Toebosch
Hoogstraat 151
1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Welkom, de Wereld Verklaard (2000-2001)
‘Les Pleurantes’ (2001)

In a park between the trees, three big figures are standing, wrapped in long cotton coats with large hoods. When approaching the group, one hears the sound of Toebosch’ voice, as she is whining like a wolf, like the howling wind — or like complaining women.

Welkom, de Wereld Verklaard (2000-2001)
‘Moniek Microfoniek’ (1969)

Den Bosch, Grote Kerk, opening of a group exhibition: On a high chair, Moniek sits motionless in the middle of the exhibition space, wearing a stern, black outfit. Nothing diverts her attention — she is looking undisturbed, quiet, staring in front of her. All of a sudden, she emits a blood-curdling scream and the show is open.

Welkom, de Wereld Verklaard (2000-2001)
‘Painthouse’ (1981)

Amsterdam, a cubic space of painted canvasses: Inside, Moniek scans the paintings with a video camera while singing and shouting. On the outside, the rear side of the canvasses is visible. Eventually, Moniek leaves the ‘paint house’ and finds herself on the stage of the Carré Theatre in Amsterdam, which is completely sold out.

Welkom, de Wereld Verklaard (2000-2001)
‘Troostbos’ (1995)

A vase with flowers is standing on a hospital locker. The flowers are made of steel wire and circuit boards, and function as speakers. Taking a smell at the flowers, one can hear comforting words: “Hurrah, hurrah, the sun is shining!” or “In the night, you and I are listening to the dark.”

Welkom, de Wereld Verklaard (2000-2001)
‘Zomeraanbieding’ (1994)

Moniek offers new ways of perception.

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